Environmental Responsibility

As a cruise operator in Vietnam's most iconic natural attraction, Bhaya Group understands the vital importance of environmental responsibility. The principles of sustainability are reflected in every process we undertake, from sourcing ingredients for our on-board cuisine to equipping our boats with high-standard waste treatment systems. We provide environmental awareness training for all staff members, and actively involve our team in a range of sustainability initiatives, including the Halong – Cat Ba Alliance and the Cleaning the Bay project.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsiblity by Bhaya Group

Bhaya Group regularly takes part in public awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of environmental conservation in Halong Bay, and locally organized initiatives around the issue, such as Clean the Bay 2012 and Action for Halong Bay 2013, both calling on public participation to remove garbage from the bay and raising public awareness of the effects of littering in the bay.

IUCN activities in Halong – Cat Ba Alliance
Bhaya group protect langur on Cat Ba Island

Another initiative we are proud to support is the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, which leads the vital effort to protect this critically endangered primate.

The Au Co organic farm
Bhaya Group action for Halong Bay

"Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” is a standard policy on-board our cruises, and all Bhaya Group crew members are trained to apply these principles.

After significant investment, well beyond regulatory requirements, in waste water treatment facilities for both grey water (from sinks and showers) and bilge water (a mix of water, oil, chemicals, and run off from the decks and engine), Bhaya Group fleets have minimised our environmental impact.

What we achieve
Bhaya Group training course for staff about environmental responsiblity

Bhaya staffs received training courses on Halong Bay ecosystem, environment conservation and responsible cruising
Bhaya Group act for environment

The Au Co Organic Farm in Viet Hai Village supplies 60% of green vegetable served on our 02 Au Co boats, as well as support the economy of local community
Bhaya Group saves water by reduction in water use on board

Reduction in water use per occupied room
Bhaya Group aid to Viet Hai village
90,000,000 VND

Immediate aid to residents in Viet Hai Village during flooding disaster in 2015
Bhaya Group and Clean the Bay Campaigns

Number of volunteers participating in Clean The Bay campaigns by Bhaya Group through the year to take action and raise awareness about Halong Bay environment.
Bhaya Group contribution to Cat Ba Langur Conservation
7 years

Actively contribute to Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project