The Au Co Organic Farm

The Au Co organic farm
Environmental Responsibility

The Au Co Organic Farm

The Au Co Organic Farm in Viet Hai village on Cat Ba Island is one of our projects to both protect the environment and support locals by developing sustainable agriculture.

Viet Hai is a charming village in the midst of jungles, covered by high mountains range of the Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong city.

Few years ago, Viet Hai was absolutely separated with the outside world with limited living conditions. In recent years, together with the recognition of Cat Ba Archipelago as the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the living standards of local villagers have been improved, the tourism potentials have been discovered. 

The Bhaya Group has been sponsored to set up a green farm in Viet Hai, named “The Au Co Organic Farm”.

You can take a bicycle or tram from the port to the village

For each season, the villagers will run suitable vegetables, the most popular kinds are: lettuce, salad, basil and coriander vegetables etc... Products are highly appreciated due to the freshness, good quality and safety. 

By establishing and monitoring this organic farm in Viet Hai we are able to guarantee a year-round supply of 100% organic locally-sourced, high quality agricultural produce for our passengers on The Au Co and her sister Bhaya cruises.

The Au Co organic farm in Viet Hai village

Simultaneously, The Au Co Green Farm is enabling the community of Viet Hai village to diversify their local economy and helping them to be more independent, by reducing their reliance on ‘importing’ more expensive vegetables from outside the village.