Bhaya Group launches new website at

Bhaya Group new website
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Bhaya Group launches new website at

Bhaya Group, the mother company of 3 best Halong Bay cruise lines: Bhaya Classic, Legend Halong and The Au Co, has launched its first corporate website at in January 2016.

The website was built to be a communication channel between the corporate and its stakeholders.

The new site is freshly built after the re-branding of Bhaya Group and its sub brands. In September 2015, the company introduced a new identity for all of its products, which includes the best cruise in Halong Bay: Bhaya Classic, Legend Halong and The Au Co. Three cruise lines are combined under the name of Bhaya Group, the owner and operator of the fleet.

Bhaya Group’s corporate website provides a deeper understanding about the history and developing story behind this largest cruise operator in Halong Bay. The corporate’s mission, vision and core values that play an important role in the success of the company are well delivered to the public. Partners and customers also have the chance to meet the management team and staff, the people that work behind the scene with passion and innovation. Bhaya Group’s website is the first and fastest way to connect and get our latest information.

As the leading cruise operator in Halong Bay for the past 8 years, Bhaya Group’s renovation in its branding and structure promises positive changes of the whole cruise fleet in the near future.